Circles of Prayer

“Long before we woke up this morning and long after we go to sleep tonight, the Holy Spirit was and is circling us in prayer.”

I learned a new word today it’s Paraclete. It means advocate, helper, Holy Spirit. Awesome. I love learning & I have to admit I love it even more when I realize its something that lines up with my faith.

Matthew 17:20 – Say to this mountain ‘move from here to there’ and it will move. At some point we have to remember to speak our faith into that mountain.  Sure, we pray to our heavenly Father & we ask for His help/blessing but, we sometimes to forget to take the next step.  Tell the mountain about God!  Proclaim His power, declare His sovereignty, affirm His faithfulness!  We need to stand on His Word!!  It’s important to wait for God but, we have to be sure we’re using our faith too.  How many times have I just prayed & waited when all along He was telling me to go do this or that?  There’s this joke I think about when I’m thinking about … stuff (hmmm, that sentence is not quite right, but, you know what I’m saying).  There’s a woman in a raft surrounded by water, she prays for help & some men row towards her & ask if they can help her & she says no, I’m waiting for God to save me.  Then another boat comes by & she says no again.  Next it’s a helipcopter & she turns it down!  She prays again & she hears the voice of God say “I’ve sent 2 boats & a helicopter.  You need to get in!”  Did I miss the boat?  Did the helicopter fly over?  I need to remember to stand on His Word & put it into action.  I pray, I listen & I have to move.  Faith without action is wishing.  I’m done wishing, I’m reaching towards my Savior, I’m listening for His voice, I’m looking for His loving arms to hold me.  I’m standing up, I’m moving, I’m being faithful, I’m in love with my God.


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