Facebook vs Work

I’m an HR Coordinator of a smaller company.  I love what I do & I pray that I do my job with Jesus.  HR laws change all the time, you have to stay up to date.  Well, when you are “friends” with employees on Facebook it takes away your ability to just have fun.  After all, it is a social media.  If an employee complains on FB about work & I read it … well, I’ve just been informed.  Regardless of the day or time I am suddenly the HR Coordinator & not the “friend” I feel like being on my off hours.  It’s a difficult decision to “friend” or not to “friend”.  I’ve made it a rule not to “friend” fellow employees.  Keep it simple.  They don’t have to worry about what I see or know & I can do the same.  It’s nothing personal … okay, that’s not true, it’s a very personal decision I have made.  But, it should never reflect on the people at work that I consider friends it’s just that as long as we’re working together the friendship must remain a work friendship.  It’s less complicated.  When I’m on FB I want to have fun.  Joke with friends, laugh at posts that may not be ok for work, look at the pictures of my girls & their families.  I want to be able to post anything & everything I want about my relationship with Jesus.  I can’t bring that up at work but, I can on FB!

If I work with you & you’re reading this … know that I like you.



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