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I Surrender

I’ve always known of Jesus. My folks loved traveling. My mom would tell me that God listens to the prayers of little children. So, each trip started with me praying. I remember them taking me to a few different churches but we never went any where for long. I never saw a Bible in our home. I didn’t have a relationship with Him.

I never stopped praying. I always felt peaceful, happy, safe when I prayed.

Let’s fast forward. I married. He was agnostic, I prayed. Not a good combo. He thought it was stupid when I prayed. I still prayed, I was just quieter, sneakier. We had 2 girls, 2 precious girls. When the youngest was about 2 she was napping. Have you ever noticed how angelic toddlers look when they sleep? I have. Her hair was silvery & gold in the sunlight, she was so beautiful & innocent. I brushed the hair from her face & I prayed. “Lord, I want 4 more girls. I don’t want to give birth to any more. But, I would love it if you would bring me 4 more girls.”

That marriage didn’t last. Divorce is ugly. Leaves everyone scarred. But, it was the right thing for us.

I met my sweetheart 7 years after that prayer. 7, such an amazing number, Biblical. My sweetheart was saved, his dad a pastor, his mom on fire for God. Oh! He had 4 girls!!! My 4 more girls.

Dick told me about his relationship with his Savior. Mom & dad told me the changes that happen when you ask Jesus into your heart. I wanted what they had, I knew without a doubt they were telling me the truth.

Dick was at his house, I was at mine in bed ready for bed. We talked on the phone for a bit. He told me about the sinners prayer. I prayed in my bed all alone that night. But, I wasn’t alone at all … God met me where I was, I knew He had been waiting for me, welcoming me. I didn’t even know I was crying, cleansing tears. Saved.

My life has never been the same. Changed, forever changed. Thank You Jesus.

I enjoy sharing my story. It always amazes me to know where I was it where I am. I enjoy the stories of other lives changed to. God does such amazing things especially with a willing heart. I pray for Him to use me, I pray for Him to use you. I pray His love fills you like nothing else can. I pray that you become a woman saying yes to God too. He’s waiting for you, He loves you. He doesn’t make junk, He makes all things beautiful. Ecclesiastes 3:11 NIV
“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” Let’s make sure we get to the end of His story, eternal life sounds awesome!

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I’m A Believer (Yes, I’m Singing That)

I’m a Believer. I believe change happens regardless of our wants & desires. I believe that if I have a good attitude it’s not as hard to adapt. I believe that if I keep God in my heart I can weather any storm. I believe.

I believe that some of the above is hogwash, lol. Storms suck. They drain me & leave me tired. I say I put God first but do I? Do I really? It’s so easy to say I do these things but, the truth is I work at those things all the time. And, I fail all the time. That doesn’t make me less of a woman it makes me honest. That’s the exact reason I need my Savior cause I am so far from perfect it’s ridiculous.

I could list all my imperfections & I’m sure we’d have a lot in common. But, it’s not about my imperfections, it’s not about me. It’s about His #priceless love. He died so I won’t. He died to pay the price for my sins. He died for my eternal healing. He died cause He loves me.

Isn’t it amazing that someone like me a wife, mom, grandma, sinner, liar, etc. could receive such a great gift!? He doesn’t care that I’ve done wrong, I ask for forgiveness & it’s all washed away like it never happened. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for making me perfect in your eyes.

I don’t want all of you to forget about our sisters & brothers that are being held captives not by their sin but literally being held captive by evil people. Please, continue to pray for their freedom, for governments to put an end to slave trades, for their captors to have a change in heart, for their safety & for their families who don’t know where their precious family members are. I copied the prayer below from P31, please pray with us.

Day 29
Lord, Jesus, as I pray for the A21 Campaign today, I ask specifically that a mom who is praying for her daughter she believes was taken to get good news today. I pray her daughter is found, rescued, and returned home. Lord, help the A21 Campaign workers see the fruit of their efforts today in this miraculous way. I pray for divine wisdom for all that are involved.

Pray these verses too, please. Proverbs 4:7, Proverbs 16:16, James 1:5

In God’s Powerful Name we pray, Amen.

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Days 17 & 18

17 days of praying for those that are held captive. These men,women & children are being sold into slavery, sex trades or labor. I have 6 beautiful girls & 10 of the greatest grandchildren in the world. I can’t begin to imagine any of them not free & happy. The thought scares the crud out of me but, these people that have been sold into slavery are someone’s child, someone’s grandchild, somebody’s loved one! There are families that are worried sick about their family member that is missing! We need to stop this unbelievable practice. We need to pray! I’m posting the prayer from Lysa TerKeurst because, I couldn’t have put this better.

Day 17: Pray against prejudice:
Genesis 1:27, Psalm 45:9, Galatians 3:28

Day 18: Lord, Jesus, as I pray for the A21 Campaign today, my heart breaks at the reality that every 30 seconds another human becomes a victim of human trafficking. This is a massive, horrible reality. I am but one person but Lord, You promise my prayers are powerful and effective. So, I stand today and ask that power and effectiveness be unleashed in the war against sex trafficking today. Help the A21 Campaign to see results like they’ve never seen in the history of their ministry today as my prayers, our prayers, do serious battle on behalf of those in desperate need. In God’s Powerful Name we pray, Amen.

Day 11

Day 11, we’re praying for Governments, for corruption to cease. Read the following verses, please; Deuteronomy 16:19, Amos 5:12, Zechariah 8:16.

I read this today in an email from P31 Ministries;

“According to the A21 website, ‘There are more slaves in the world today than at any other point in human history, with an estimated 27 million in bondage across the globe. Men, women, and children are being exploited for manual and sexual labor against their will.’

The most unimaginable, unthinkable crimes against men, women, and children are happening right now. Right now.”

It frightens me to think what these animals are doing to innocents. No one wakes in the morning thinking ‘I hope today I get to be a slave’. Doing the dishes must seem like such luxury to those who are being held captive. I bet your coffee tastes great, just right. I bet they think water would be awesome. Those of us who can spend the day blog hopping, shopping or heck, going to work have been blessed! We’re praying for that man, woman & child that are slaves, that are forced to do the unthinkable! Please, in the midst of your busy day take the time to pray for their freedom, to pray for their captors to know Jesus, to pray that governments will no longer bow down to corruption, pray for their freedom, pray for their captivity to end, pray for their health, pray for their souls. We are so blessed to be free, we are so blessed to have Jesus, let us pray.

Lord God, You are such an awesome God & I know it grieves your spirit to see your children & tortured. I pray Lord that You will touch the hearts & minds of government officials, of the captors, & of those enslaved. Lord, I pray that as 2 or more are gathered You are there. Lord, I’m believing in a miracle, I’m believing You are setting the captives free. I believe You are listening to our prayers & moving in the hearts of those effected by this terrible business. I know that what satan uses for harm You will use for good. In Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen.

A Wedding & Day 7

We had a wedding this weekend. A beautiful wedding. The bride, my beautiful little girl, was gorgeous inside & out. No bridezilla to be found. We were missing 1 child only this weekend. At one point in my house there were 8 grandchildren running around having fun. Such a blessing. All that love, all that freedom.

Day 7. Today it occurs to me that while I was celebrating I forgot about others who are held in captivity. It’s so easy to forget if it isn’t your loved one. I’m sure you know what I mean. 3 days have passed. I’ve had a great time, I’ve celebrated with my loved one, I cleaned house when they left (whew), I sat on my couch staring at wedding pics, crying & smiling, I watched tv, I did whatever I felt like this weekend. I’m free, others aren’t. Let’s not forget them. Let’s pray.

Lord, today as I pray for the people that are being held captive & the A21 Campaign, I’m asking You to protect the people held captive, protect those that are trying to rescue them. I pray for the traffickers for their conviction, repentance, and salvation. Lord, I’m praying that these people who obviously don’t know you turn from their wicked ways. Father God, I pray for governments to stop traffickers, to boldly say no, to be honest & to remember the value of a child of the most high. Lord, we live in a great country, I pray that you give our law makers a boldness to live for you, one nation under God, a strength to protect the people. I pray Your wisdom over all law makers, over those who uphold the law, upon the traffickers to release the people they hold in bondage, & I pray Your protection upon those that are held in bondage, may they sense Your peace upon their lives. In Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen.