A Wedding & Day 7

We had a wedding this weekend. A beautiful wedding. The bride, my beautiful little girl, was gorgeous inside & out. No bridezilla to be found. We were missing 1 child only this weekend. At one point in my house there were 8 grandchildren running around having fun. Such a blessing. All that love, all that freedom.

Day 7. Today it occurs to me that while I was celebrating I forgot about others who are held in captivity. It’s so easy to forget if it isn’t your loved one. I’m sure you know what I mean. 3 days have passed. I’ve had a great time, I’ve celebrated with my loved one, I cleaned house when they left (whew), I sat on my couch staring at wedding pics, crying & smiling, I watched tv, I did whatever I felt like this weekend. I’m free, others aren’t. Let’s not forget them. Let’s pray.

Lord, today as I pray for the people that are being held captive & the A21 Campaign, I’m asking You to protect the people held captive, protect those that are trying to rescue them. I pray for the traffickers for their conviction, repentance, and salvation. Lord, I’m praying that these people who obviously don’t know you turn from their wicked ways. Father God, I pray for governments to stop traffickers, to boldly say no, to be honest & to remember the value of a child of the most high. Lord, we live in a great country, I pray that you give our law makers a boldness to live for you, one nation under God, a strength to protect the people. I pray Your wisdom over all law makers, over those who uphold the law, upon the traffickers to release the people they hold in bondage, & I pray Your protection upon those that are held in bondage, may they sense Your peace upon their lives. In Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen.


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