Days 17 & 18

17 days of praying for those that are held captive. These men,women & children are being sold into slavery, sex trades or labor. I have 6 beautiful girls & 10 of the greatest grandchildren in the world. I can’t begin to imagine any of them not free & happy. The thought scares the crud out of me but, these people that have been sold into slavery are someone’s child, someone’s grandchild, somebody’s loved one! There are families that are worried sick about their family member that is missing! We need to stop this unbelievable practice. We need to pray! I’m posting the prayer from Lysa TerKeurst because, I couldn’t have put this better.

Day 17: Pray against prejudice:
Genesis 1:27, Psalm 45:9, Galatians 3:28

Day 18: Lord, Jesus, as I pray for the A21 Campaign today, my heart breaks at the reality that every 30 seconds another human becomes a victim of human trafficking. This is a massive, horrible reality. I am but one person but Lord, You promise my prayers are powerful and effective. So, I stand today and ask that power and effectiveness be unleashed in the war against sex trafficking today. Help the A21 Campaign to see results like they’ve never seen in the history of their ministry today as my prayers, our prayers, do serious battle on behalf of those in desperate need. In God’s Powerful Name we pray, Amen.


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