GIFTS AND TALENTS! gifts and talents?

Blog Hop, love this.  I love that I get given ideas about what to write about instead of my … meanderings, lol.  Well, this week I realized I wanted to hit all 4 suggestions.  Ambitious?  Nope, they all tie together so well for me.

Psalm 139:1 – You have searched me, Lord, and You know me well.

The Lord knows me so well that He gave me gifts & talents.  He searched me & knew I could be trusted with certain things.  He searched me & decided I was the one to have these particular talents.  He knew these things about me before I was born!  Wow, that’s amazing & so very humbling.

Gifts & talents hmmmm, what are mine?  I had to slow down & think about it.  Slowing down … that’s hard.

I am a Sanguine.  I love having fun, I love people (that’s why I’m in HR).  I get bored really easily, I’m easily … squirrel!  I mean I’m easily distracted.  I’m also Choleric (sounds like a disease).  I like to solve problems, I’m organized & confident.  But, the other side to that is I’m arrogant (I thought I was just confident, yuck), opinionated & manipulative.  That just sounds so negative.  Let’s go back to the good stuff … I’m fun!

I took the test regarding my gifts.  My strengths were faith, exhortation & teaching.  Hmmm, interesting.  Let’s put this all together.

I am a sanguine I love fun.  I am also choleric I like to be involved, lead, I like to move.  I have to confess, the paper method was too slow, I went to the Spiritual Gifts Test page.  Did I mention I am Sanguine/Choleric?  I know God is going to move (faith) I will encourage you while we’re waiting (exhortation) & I will explain why I know (teaching).  I will make all of that happen in a fun way (sanguine) & we’ll go at a faster organized pace (choleric) cause I don’t want to get bored (sanguine).

I enjoy that.  I could do that all over again in a different way if it helps.  No?  Geesh.

Jamy Whitaker posted this Wednesday morning, “We must be intentional about being the person God has created each one of us to be.”  It’s so true.  Do I live my life intentionally?  I don’t know.  I hope so.  But, my next question is what do I do with these talents/gifts?  I’ve been praying about this for days.  But, if finally hit me this morning.  I’m trying to work these gifts in a spiritual way, making them a ministry, making them religious.  But, not all of us are called into ministry!  What if this is just supposed to be the way I live out my life?  Crazy, right?  No, not at all.  God so carefully has everything figured out, intricately, everything having a purpose.

I’m a sanguine/choleric, I like to have fun & people enjoy having fun with me.  It’s all clean, all uplifting.  Living my life for God & others see Him through me (I pray).  I’m friendly, I get excited about the smallest of things, I love being busy, I have lots of energy, if there’s a problem I’ll help you fix it!  I’m in HR when I discipline employees they usually walk away laughing & ready to start over (thank You Jesus).  I won’t force my faith on you but, I KNOW that I KNOW He is alive, I know my God can fix everything.  I will lift you up during hard times & I will gladly share His Word.  I will gladly share everything I know & if I don’t know I will research & get back to you.  I have gifts & talents that God uses daily!  He has put me right where He wants me!  I use my talents for God every day, everywhere, all the time #YesIDo!

If I could chose something different would I?  Sure, the grass is always greener on the other side.  I would do full time ministry.  I would lead children & women.  I would love that but, that’s not the ministry I have at this time.  My ministry is very much in the world & that’s okay.  I have the opportunity to make an impact for Jesus.  I have the opportunity to live my life as if Jesus was coming to pick me up today.  I can make a difference, I can love others the way my Savior loves me.  I’m not as good as He is but, I’ll sure try hard daily, I’ll pray continually.

Lone flower

Father God, thank You for showing me my gifts & talents.  Thank You for showing me how to use them in a daily manner, in a way that can make a difference for Your Kingdom.  Lord, You know my heart & I pray daily for you to open my heart & mind to Your will.  Keep me free from sin, everyday teach me to be more like Jesus.  I’m Yours Savior, I’m all Yours.  Use me as You would have fit.  Make me an empty vessel that only You can fill.  In Jesus mighty name I pray.  AMEN.


12 thoughts on “GIFTS AND TALENTS! gifts and talents?

  1. Haha…I got a jump on the blog hop and I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! This was so much what I needed to read and I am glad I read it early. You have a fantastic way of explaining things and make them so clear. Thank you for you prayers over the last several days. Reading your blog was so encouraging (thank you Jesus!)

  2. Even you blog post shows your personality traits! You are fun and energetic (I wish I had some of that. lol). I will tell you, you are in ministry right now. Yes, your ministry is in the world, but isn’t that what Jesus said “Go ye into all the world”? Yes, you are in a great ministry. Love it.
    Blessings my sister!
    Barbara Prince
    OBS Small Group Leader/Prayer Warrior Team

  3. Loved your blog! Thanks for the reminder that not everything always has to be about ministry, sometimes we’re called to just be ourselves out in “the world”.

  4. Loved it Stella! You are so amazing with your words! I love that you make it fun. I enjoy reading about what you have to say so much!!!! Love it and love you! 🙂

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