Mark 4:2-8 Jesus taught them many things, using stories. He said, “Listen! A farmer went out to plant his seed. While he was planting, some seed fell by the road, and the birds came and ate it up. Some seed fell on rocky ground where there wasn’t much dirt. That seed grew very fast, because the ground was not deep. But when the sun rose, the plants dried up because they did not have deep roots. Some other seed fell among thorny weeds, which grew and choked the good plants. So those plants did not produce a crop. Some other seed fell on good ground and began to grow. It got taller and produced a crop. Some plants made thirty times more, some made sixty times more, and some made a hundred times more.”


There are seasons, seasons of hardship, seasons of pure joy, seasons of growth.  I’m not a kid, I’m a grandma!  Yet, I feel I’m in a season of growth.  I love that!  God can take us at any age & help us grow!  I’m so hungry for His Word, for prayer time with Him, to be used by Him.  Did you read the last sentence in the verse I shared?  “Some plants made 30 more, some made 60 times more & some made a 100 times more.”  Holy cow!  Can you imagine if God used you & me to make a 100 times more?  Then used each of them to make another 100 times more!  Heck, I’m excited when He uses me to touch 1.  But, that’s the beauty of our God.  He made us, he knows how many hairs on our head, he had a plan for each of us before He made the world!

Ephesians 1:4 Even before He made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in His eyes.


I’m a humble woman, I know my worth but, I know it’s not me.  It is Christ IN me.  He uses even my weaknesses.  How glorious to be used by the One that created us.  I want Him to use me more!  I think this is one time it’s ok to be greedy, lol.  I don’t want it for my glory but for His.  Now, I’m not saying it doesn’t feel great when you know He has used you cause that would be a lie!  But, I feel that someday I will be with Him in heaven & He’s going to show me a film, a film about my life.  It will show me the people He used me to reach.  I won’t even know that I did anything, I was just me.  Writing a post, holding a door open, praying, maybe just smiling, I don’t know.  But, our God is wonderous like that, He can take the most minute thing & turn it into something glorious!  Look at the mustard seed!!  It’s so small yet so big!


If I continue to live a life where God is at the head, where I reach out to Him before I allow a sound to leave my lips, I wonder how much He will use me.  I just want to be conduit for Jesus.  A tool He uses to touch the life of many.  I pray that when people see me or read something I’ve written they don’t see me in it at all just Him. 


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